Here’s Our Story

In a small Iowa town, some mutual friends introduced 2 people that would begin a journey they’d never forget Lucky them!!  Who knew, almost 8 years later those 2 people would be on the journey of a lifetime together Yeah, it took you long enough dood Well I spent a lot of that time chasing you just so you’d notice me!!

Being active duty in the Navy for 15 years, I had the opportunity to visit places and do things that I never would have imagined Obviously Iowa was the best place you ever went, you’re welcome.  I definitely got the best souvenir from Iowa!  Well when it was time to leave Iowa, who would have thought the Navy would take us to paradise, Hawaii.

Unsure if we would get “island fever” or if Hawaii life would win us over.  I had never been so far away from home, just a girl from Iowa, moving to Hawaii?!  I was so nervous!!  Well as I’m sure you can guess, we fell in love with it What did you think was going to happen?  Unknowingly to us, the Navy had plans for us to leave Hawaii after about 3 years of basking in the sun, sand, and water Ugh, don’t remind me. 

Having been in San Diego now for almost 2 years Boooooo now, it’s time for us to start our building back up to Hawaii.  This time though we won’t be in the hustle and bustle of Oahu but the serene, calm, wide open space of the Big Island!  Can we just be there already?  I’m ready right now!  We both are ready right now, but theres so much to do before we can get too excited.

We are starting this blog to first and foremost, have a “journal” of our journey and the adventures we come across along the way back to paradise and going tiny.  I think you’re crazy and no one is going to care what little old us are doing haha Well even if only 5 people find any use in our rambling, I’m happy!!

Hopefully, people will get involved, ask questions and enjoy all the shenanigans Haha, shenanigans you nerd yes, all the shenanigans I’m sure we will get into during the road to our tiny living adventure on the Big Island of Hawaii.  about us

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