Where We Are And Where We’re Going

So this is where we begin.  Let’s talk about the vision we have and where we plan on taking our adventure.  I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit and a general enjoyment in people.  Not necessarily “people” but networking I guess?  As a Recruiter in the Navy, I discovered the importance of a strong network and have strived to expand my network infinitely.  Your life lesson here is that you never know when, where, or how you will meet someone who could have a life changing impact on your life and I believe everything happens for a reason.  As real estate professionals, Kelsey and I rely heavily on our network to be successful and I try to instill the necessity of networking to my peers, protégés, and anyone else I come in contact with.  As I saw the growth of the “tiny house movement” I knew I wanted to be a part of it, just for the sheer adventure that comes with the idea and lifestyle of it.  So now I’ve began to focus some of my networking on this community.  Full disclosure, because the movement/lifestyle is rapidly increasing in size and gaining a lot a traction in communities across the country, we see a huge potential for capitalizing on that and turning our ideas into profitable ones, therein lies my entrepreneurial spirit.

Once we ended up moving to Hawaii in 2013 because of my job in the Navy, my intrigue with going tiny began with wanting to live on a medium-sized motor yacht when we moved to Hawaii, Kelsey wasn’t to keen about that idea.  While living in Hawaii and when we moved to San Diego we noticed how expensive real estate was and the lack of affordable housing which is plaguing societies all over the world.  While we want to make this journey a profitable one, we are that selfish!  Ultimately we want to do our part to mitigate a small (really small) part of the problem and do our part to provide a solution rather than just talk about a problem, as so many others do.

Hawaii is growing, both physically and in population.  There are four main islands, Oahu, Kauai, Maui, Hawaii Island( AKA Big Island).  The Big Island is the least populated and also the largest, larger than all the other islands combined.  It is also the most affordable and one of the most desirable destinations for tourists.  With all of the amenities of the smaller islands plus some, like the volcanoes, which constitute the main reason for the majority of the tourism there if you haven’t been, YOU NEED TO GO!!

Right now, we own three houses in three different states.  Between now and the time Kelsey completes school here in San Diego we plan to have AT LEAST purchased the lot(s) we need to get started. The majority of the capital we will have to start with will be from liquidating those assets and making some cash available to eliminate the need for excessive amounts of loans or other borrowing of money.  Thanks to the Navy, I was fortunate enough to have purchased my first home when I was 22 and made it a point to continue to purchase real estate wherever I got stationed, unfortunately that wasn’t the case in Hawaii due to the sudden move to California.

Like I said, our goal is to at least have some land puchased within the next year.  During that time we will work out all of the planning, zoning, permitting, etc. that will be an important part of our beginning and are potential show stoppers.  I’ve already done a lot of research through county ordnances and land use regulations just to get an idea of how difficult this endeavor will/could be.  IT WILL BE POSSIBLE, if it wasn’t going to be possible then you would have this to read.  Throughout the process I will share what information I gather and discover about going tiny in Hawaii.  Remember, this is going to be in regards to the BIG ISLAND, HAWAII COUNTY, HAWAII.  Each island in Hawaii is its own county and has different laws and regulations so please do you own due diligence and know that the information found here is personal and from our own experience, your circumstances may be and probably will be different.